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Sammy's BBQ has a history as rich as it's sauces

Learn how Sammy's BBQ came to be, nearly 50 years ago

Nearly 50 years ago, Sam and Martha Taylor sat down to their dinner table filled with the best Southern fixings one could ask for. As the aroma of greens, yams, cornbread, black-eyed peas, peach cobbler, and ribs smothered with Sam’s special sauce filled the air and encompassed family and friends that were quickly delving into the meal, an idea struck them both.

Why not go into the restaurant business? And so the journey of perfecting Sam’s BBQ sauce to accompany their perfect ribs began and with the success of their first restaurant, Sam and Johnnies on the corner of Fresno and C St. Sam’s BBQ has become a Central Valley symbol for the best homemade fixing and BBQ. Sam’s didn’t stop here. No, Sam’s BBQ went on to receive the People’s Choice Award for the Best BBQ & Best Ribs, not just once but 4 times over! Since Momma T., has retired from the BBQ business she has passed the legacy onto her son, Sammy Jr. who ensures that everything is still made by hand and fresh just like pops showed him.

Sammy Taylor Sr.

With his wife Martha on his side, Sam followed in his stepfathers footsteps and created a recipe Sammy’s BBQ Sauce. He learned the ropes from Stepfather Andrew Brewer who operated Brewer’s Southern Style restaurant in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Sammy Taylor Jr. I

Sammy Taylor is at the helm of the BBQ Sauce family now. He watched his father create this Sweet Hickory flavored sauce from scratch at the age of 7. As a former college Basketball Player he was sure to stay close to home and continue the legacy.

Sammy Taylor Jr. II

Although he is only 12 years of age he is learning the history and preparation of Sammy’s BBQ sauce. It is our mission and goal to keep the sauce going from generation to generation. It has been in the family for more than 45 years.

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